What is FPV?

At Skylake Aerials, we offer a unique and distinct approach to capturing visuals compared to typical drone videography. Here's a concise and easy-to-understand explanation of the difference:

Traditional drone videography often focuses on capturing aerial footage from a stabilized and smooth perspective. While this provides stunning views, it may lack the immersive and dynamic elements that truly engage viewers.

On the other hand, our approach, which we specialize in, is called FPV (First Person View) drone videography. It involves using specialized drones that are agile, fast, and capable of capturing intricate and high-speed shots. Our FPV drone videography creates an immersive experience by simulating the feeling of being right there in the action. It's like strapping a camera onto a pilot's helmet, providing thrilling and unique perspectives that traditional drone videography can't deliver.

With Skylake Aerials, you can expect visuals that are not only breathtaking but also give your audience a sense of being part of the action. Our FPV drone videography adds a new level of excitement, immersion, and storytelling potential to your projects, ensuring your content stands out and leaves a lasting impression.

Choose Skylake Aerials for an unparalleled visual experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional drone videography.

Precise and delicate flight

Our drones are capable of providing a smooth flight tour, whether indoors or outdoors. We can fly as precisely as a steady-cam while maneuvering over, under, and through obstacles, corridors, and windows.

High speed action flight

We can also fly at speeds greater than 80 mph to chase cars, boats, bikes, and capture action sports. Our drones are capable of swiftly changing altitude and direction in the blink of an eye.